Hi, I’m Lukas Wenzl

a Ph.D. student in Astronomy. I will use this site for things related to my research.

I am a PhD student in the Astronomy Department at Cornell University.  Currently, I am working on observational cosmology under the supervision of Prof. Rachel Bean.

I hold a B.S. in Physics from Heidelberg University. My bachelor’s thesis was on high redshift quasar searches under the supervision of Dr. Jan-Torge Schindler, Prof. Xiaohui Fan, and Dr. Fabian Walter.  The project was a collaboration between the MPIA in Heidelberg and the University of Arizona.

Below you can find recent publications of mine.

For a complete, up-to-date list see ORCID iD icon//orcid.org/0000-0001-5245-2058

Panstarrs Extremely Luminous Quasar Survey

Schindler, J.-T., Fan, X., Huang, Y.-H., et al. (7th author)  2019, APJS, 243, 5

Discovery of 280 extremely bright Quasars at redshifts larger than 2.8. Contributed to the observations, the selection algorithm validation and proofreading.


I am committed to making any code that might be useful to others in the field publically available as soon as I can.


A simple python3 tool to correct the astrometry, i.e. the sky position metadata, of FITS images. I wrote the tool from scratch as part of my work as a Research Assistant at the MPIA. The tool has been used for various photometric follow-up observations of quasar candidates.